Why you need music clearance specialists.


Music Clearance can be a daunting process, whether it's determining if a song is available for licensing, evaluating the costs involved, and ultimately, determining how to get it cleared quickly, correctly and in the most cost-efficient way. For example, there are countless songs in what's called the Public Domain -- but, is the song you need for your project in Public Domain? If so, is it Public Domain worldwide or only in select territories? What about the song that is #1 on the Charts or a great track yet to be released, with samples and side-artists? You know you want a popular track for your project, but, you're just not sure how to get the music rights you need in order to use it.


We can help.


With over 20 years music industry experience, MUSIC RIGHTZ are music clearance and music rights specialists. Our professional backgrounds and business acumen include music publishing, music clearance, music licensing, music consultancy, television production and talent/clip/footage/photo clearance.


We offer expertise in all areas of music clearance and music licensing administration for All Media including: film, television, promos, marketing, trailers, commercial advertising, print advertising, games, web/digital, mobile, retail/merchandise, home entertainment formats, Broadway/stage, compilations and soundtracks.


MUSIC RIGHTZ has a thorough knowledge of copyright law. We have strong relationships with key players in the music publishing and recording industries as well as the attorneys and paralegals within major entertainment law firms.


As music consultants, we can even provide creative supervision services and can assemble a great soundtrack for your project or other music suggestions and guidance for your productions.


We are expert negotiators.


We are resourceful and comprehensive with our research and our ability to locate writers, artists and the owner(s) or administrator(s) of any recording or composition. MUSIC RIGHTZ has cleared thousands of songs for various media and projects. For over 10 years, we have exclusively handled all music clearances for Fox Broadcasting Company's On-Air/Marketing Department. Other clients include Warner Bros., FremantleMedia, Walt Disney Company, MTV Networks and the Law Firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison LLP. 


We handle more than just music clearances.


MUSIC RIGHTZ also offers complete clip, talent, name/likeness, footage and photo clearance services for all media. Our extensive experience and knowledge in ALL aspects of the clearance process eliminate the need to hire different companies to handle your clearance needs. We are a "ONE-STOP" shop and can handle ALL of your clearance needs under one roof - whether it be music rights or approvals for clips, photos or talent.


We consult.


Need help creating an overall licensing and cost budget for your project? Easy enough. As music rights consultants, we will provide realistic licensing fees and lend budgetary guidance for your project.