Our compensation is tied to the total number of clearances and the extent of the licensing administration or creative services you require for your project. We will let you know upfront what you can expect to pay us for our services. We are flexible in terms of how we bill you for the project and we're happy to customize a fee schedule to meet your needs, offering per-song / per-clearance,  per-project, weekly or monthly retainer fees.


  • Creation of budgets for 3rd party license fees specific to terms and clearance needed
  • Thorough research to determine current copyright and/or rights holder(s) of the composition, master recording, clips, photo, etc.
  • Submission of formal requests
  • Negotiating of the best terms and fees on your behalf
  • Issuance and/or drafting of licenses
  • Legal review and revision of licenses
  • Facilitation of check requests and licensor payments
  • Preparation of status reports detailing all costs, terms and licensing issues